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Categoría: Infectious diseases.
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Serum, Urethral swab, Swab lesion, Amniotic fluid.

Store and ship samples at temperatures between approximately 4-8 ° C; refrigerant gels or refrigerator ice can be used for it.

DNA extraction from the sample using commercial kits. Real-time PCR using Treponema Pallidum Fluorescent Polymerase Chain Reaction Diagnostic Kit DAAN DIAGNOSTICS. For the quantification a standard curve is constructed from the Reference Positive TP Preparation (1.0x107UI / ml - 1.0x104UI / ml) supplied in the kit. The amplification of TP DNA in the analyzed sample is detected as an increase in fluorescence. The technique is performed in a DA-7600 Thermocycler (DaAn Gene Co.)

Positive control: Positive control supplied by the diagnostic kit.

08 working days.

Negative: No DNA amplification detected TREPONEMA PALLLIDUM LOG: -

Positive: DNA Detection TREPONEMA PALLIDUM Copies / ml, LOG: x

Limit of detection 500 Copies / ml. It is recommended that absolute values of viral load obtained by genomic amplification procedures be interpreted as any value within a range of 0.5 log (+/- 300 times) of the value obtained.

Genomik Laboratory has validated the test with positive and negative commercial controls; however, a negative result does not exclude the presence of Treponema DNA below the sensitivity limit of the test, nor the possible presence of inhibitors of the PCR reaction.

If the scraping of a syphilitic ulcer or other body fluid reveals the presence of the bacteria (positive result with dark field microscopy or by PCR), the person in question will have an infection requiring antibiotic treatment, preferably penicillin. A negative result when scraping the ulcer may indicate that there is no syphilitic infection and that the signs and symptoms are due to another cause; it may also be that the amount of bacteria in the sample obtained for study is insufficient. If the treatment has been effective, the non-treponemal antibodies disappear over time; the treponemal antibodies will continue to exist in blood throughout life.

Treponema pallidum Fluorescent Polyemrase Chain Reaction Diagnostic Kit. Website:


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