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EDTA blood.

Store samples at temperatures between 10-25 ° C. (Maximum 24h of outlet); refrigerant gels or ice pack ice can be used for shipping.

The sample must be obtained by blood puncture (venous blood) with anticoagulant EDTA (purple lid tube), strictly respecting the blood-anticoagulant relationship. A cell suspension, whole blood plus fluorescently labeled antibodies directed against specific cellular proteins, resulting in an antigen-antibody complex labeled with the fluorochrome, generating fluorescence signals of the antigen-antibody complex, which are detected by the flow cytometer.

When the reagent is added to the sample, the antibodies labeled with fluorochromes present in the reagent bind specifically to the antigens they are directed against, allowing the detection by flow cytometry of the different lymphocyte subpopulations. A lysis is then performed using a red cell lysing solution.

05 working days.

LEUKOCYTES (Cell / uL) xxx (V.R .: 4500-10500).

Lymphocyte counts.

TOTAL LYMPHOCYTES (Cells x mm3) x (%).

LYMPHOCYTES CD3 T (Cellulasxmm3) x (%) (V.R .: 1100-1700).

LYMPHOCYTES T CD4 (Cellulasxmm3) x (%) (V.R .: 700-1100).

LYMPHOCYTES CD8 T (Cellulasxmm3) x (%) (V.R .: 500-900).

INDEX CD4 / CD8 x (V.R .: 1.0-1.5).

The count of the lymphocyte subpopulations is generally expressed as number of cells labeled by microliter μL (absolute count) or as percentage of labeled cells relative to the total lymphocytes or leukocytes present in the sample which in turn can be determined by Flow Cytometry on a base to its characteristic FSC / SSC pattern (size / granularity or internal complexity). The absolute count of each of the lymphocyte subpopulations (CD3 / CD4 / CD8), is calculated from the count of absolute lymphocytes, obtained from the hemogram done the first 6 hours, once the sample was extracted.

Lymphocyte immunophenotyping is generally used for monitoring of lymphocyte subpopulations in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Fundamentally, peripheral blood quantification of CD4 + cells and CD8 + lymphocytes provides diagnostic and prognostic value in this pathology.

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OptiClone Monoclonal Antibodies CD4-FITC / CD8-PE / CD3-PC5. Beckman Coulter.


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