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Categoría: Infectious diseases.
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3 ml venous tube cap EDTA, Serum, CSF, Semen.

Store and ship samples at temperatures between approximately 4-8 ° C; refrigerant gels or refrigerator ice can be used for it. It should not exceed 24 hours to reach the laboratory.

RNA Extraction from the sample through commercial kits.

RT real-time PCR which detects and quantifies the consensus region conserved in the LTR region of the major HIV-1 group, according to Damond et al, 2001. Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification was performed using specific primers and a Taqman probe.

10 working days.

The viral load of HIV is expressed with the number of copies detected per milliliter of blood, in addition the logarithm of this value is expressed that allows comparing previous control results.

It is recommended that absolute values of viral load obtained by genomic amplification procedures be interpreted as any value within a range of 0.5 log (± 300 times) of the value obtained. The sensitivity of the test is 150 copies / ml and the maximum value detected by our equipment is 10,000,000 copies / ml, which represents a logarithm of 7.0.

Genomik Laboratory has validated this test with positive and negative commercial controls; however, a negative result does not exclude the presence of HIV RNA below the sensitivity limit of the test, nor the possible presence of inhibitors of the PCR reaction. The reliability of the test is guaranteed by the use of sophisticated systems for the prevention of contamination, in addition to the incorporation of an internal control of each test to avoid the appearance of false negatives.

The viral load test is used to know the number of copies of active virus exist at a given time in the patient, it is very valuable, because it monitors the effectiveness of the therapeutics is critical, combined with CD3 / CD4 & CD8 lymphocytic quantification. IT can also have a predictive value in newly diagnosed cases, the higher the viral load, the higher the risk of transmitting HIV. It is important to note that monitoring a patient's viral load should be done with the same methodology and by the same laboratory; this should guarantee uniformity and reliability in the results taking into account that the use of different techniques complicates the interpretation of the analyzes.

Damond, F., Descamps, D., Fárfara, I., Telles, J.N., Puyeo, S., Campa, P., Lepretre, A., Matheron, S., Brun-Vezinet, F., Simona, F. 2001. Quantification of Proviral Load human Inmunodeficiency Virus Type 2 Subtypes A ADN B Using Real-Time PCR. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 4264-4268.


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