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GENOMIK LABORATORY, C.A, founded in 1999, in the city of Maracay, specializes in Molecular Biology applied to clinical diagnosis and medical-forensic studies, through the molecular amplification techniques detected by end-point, real time and capillary electrophoresis. Recently, we incorporated a flow cytometer for molecular biology studies. Our main lines of work include: infectology, sexually transmitted infections, infertility, genetics, paternity and filial relationship, immunology and oncology. We have processed over 10.000 filial relationship studies. Nowadays we use 23 DNA markers that provide an accuracy of 99.99% in each result therefore we are in line with the most demanding international standards. Our laboratory participates every year in quality exercises organized by Intercomparing exercises of DNA polymorphisms in biological samples, organized by The Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking Working Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics for those laboratories that perform paternity and forensic studies.

In the infectious diseases field, we count with molecular detection of a wide range of microorganisms, mainly: Cytomegalovirus, Chikungunya, Dengue, Epstein-Barr, Hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV 1 & 2, parvovirus B19, HPV and Zika among others, and multiplex PCR for: Infertility, atypical pneumonia, viral and bacterial meningitis, respiratory viruses and herpes virus infections; Viral load of CMV, EBV, Hepatitis B, C and HIV 1. Besides, we perform genetic risk studies for thrombosis and male infertility analysis of mutations in the BCR / ABL gene for diagnosis of leukemia and every year we have been committed to the incorporation of new tools for the service of our doctors and patients. Since July 2014, we count with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for our Quality Management System and the country’s sanitary permit ARA-PSF- 015.


Service in all our lines of diagnosis, from molecular biology of pathogens, genetic and immunological disorders and filial relations tests.


To position ourselves as a national reference laboratory specialized in the diagnosis by molecular biology with cutting-edge technology and specialized personnel, based on a quality policy focused on human warmth and high satisfaction standards.


Our company’s values and rewards:

  • The leadership and initiative, based on end-result and integrity, and motivating our team to suggest better ways to carry out their work and to contribute to the development of their full potential.
  • The teamwork, based on creativity, talent and experience and the conviction that our results are a product of everyone’s effort and contribution.
  • The innovation as an essential element of growth, through the search of continuous improvement and accepting prudently the risks involved.
  • The recognition of our team’s work, through performance evaluations and offering growth opportunities and integral development.
  • The responsibility, for the timely and complete fulfillment of the work with the required level of quality.
  • The discipline, based on the fulfillment of the duties and obligations within the current norms and procedures.



Service in all our lines of diagnosis, from molecular biology of pathogens, genetic and immunological disorders and filial relations tests

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